The Complete Guide to Boobs

November 27, 2022

The 9 Types Of Boobs


Asymmetric breasts are a set of breasts where one boob is larger than the other boob. Notably, though, most people’s boobs are at least somewhat asymmetrical, according to Gilberg-Lenz, though some might be more so than others. “No human is perfectly symmetric—hands, eyes, feet, and boobs.”


These boobs tend to be wider-set, and they contain more muscle and less tissue. (Not all physically active people have this type of boobs though, despite the name.)


With bell breasts, the breasts are shaped like, well, a bell. They’re thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom, forming a bell shape. This shape is common among women with larger cup sizes, and they may commonly deal with a lot of “overflow” with some bra types.


East-West breasts are wide-set, leaving a space in the middle of the chest. The breasts themselves, as well as the nipples, will point outward in opposite directions.


This type of breast tends to hang longer, and the tissue is more relaxed than perky. The nipples will point downward.


Round boobs are symmetrical all around, meaning they’re equally full on the top and the bottom. They generally don’t need much support.

Side Set

Side set breasts can easily be confused with East-West, since they’re both wider-set with a space in the middle. However, in this case, the nipples will be pointing more forward, and the breasts are rounder or more full-shaped.


Slender breasts are more oval-shaped than round. They tend to be thin and long and generally smaller in size. The nipples usually point downward.


These breasts are a mix between round boobs and bell-shaped boobs. They tend to be slimmer on the top than round boobs, but they are round and full on the bottom.