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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StudioLink?

Feed your Audience

StudioLink allows professionals to deliver product information and 1-Click Purchasing across social media profiles, email and text threads. It's as easy as using a social media profile. Market and explain your services in an intuitive and simple way that allows you to use different elements to share your message.

You can use:
  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Links
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • and More!
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Why is StudioLink Pro the business tool of the creative economy?

StudioLink Pro brings your socials, payment methods, marketing and product information to one location. With full editorial control and no gatekeepers, you can do the work you most believe in.

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Do I need to pay for StudioLink?

You can try out a limited version of StudioLink for free after signing up. For the full version of StudioLink, there are annual and month-to-month subscription options.

StudioLink Business


StudioLink Pro

Without Spotrpage branding

StudioLink Business


StudioLink Pro

Without Spotrpage branding

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How do I set up my StudioLink?

Once you subscribe to StudioLink, click on the "Edit StudioLink" button on your dashboard. Fill out the fields in the Top Section and Save to publish your StudioLink. You're now accessible from the Directory! To add modules to your StudioLink, click "Add Section" and fill out the fields and attach your media, click "Save Sections" and you're done!

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Music Makers
Seamless Embedding
Effortlessly combine episodes from various podcasts into a single feed.
Increased Plays
Enjoy more plays as your content gains exposure and visibility.
Direct Links For Effortless Engagement
Include direct links to the products mentioned in podcasts, eliminating friction between interested buyers and action.
In-Depth Bullet-Pointed Information
Improve your audience's grasp of the product's value by using concise bullet points that highlight its main benefits, unique features, and any special deals.
Video Aggregation
Combine YouTube videos from multiple channels onto a single feed.
View Magnets
Attract more views by providing a diverse range of content.
Product Endorsement Hub
Boost your affiliate income by displaying product details, photos, features, and affiliate codes alongside video endorsements.
Centralized Portfolio
Unite your articles, stories, screenplays, and poetry in one accessible location.
Showcase Your Best
Spotlight your most compelling and inspiring work for your readers.
Multimedia Integration
Enhance your content with video, music, art, and more.
Ad-Free Haven
We take pride in providing an ad-free environment for your written work. No junky pop-up ads that disrupt your readers' experience.
Streamlined Content Integration
Showcase your work by embedding your music videos, songs, and behind-the-scenes content in a single location.
Recommend Music-Making Gear
Provide links to the tools and equipment that contribute to your unique sound and style, and earn commissions on sales.
Monetize Your Music
Embed your music videos with a purchase button right on the module for a seamless way to monetize your music.
Easy Sharing Across Platforms
Connect with your audience wherever they are, sharing your StudioLink through text , email, socials, and more.

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