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A realistic and unsponsored examination of skincare, fitness, brain health, and more. Truth speaks louder than words, and the products they promote. When it comes to your health and beauty regiment, we believe less is more, we choose timeless over trendy, and we live what we speak.

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H&B's Good Diet

Good Diet

My BBL Horror Story

My BBL Experience

10 Tips for Healthy, Shiny, and Long Hair

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Combat Negative Thinking

It’s much easier to say something is wrong than to think about how it could become right. While it takes cognitive effort to reject your first impulse and make the more rational or helpful observation, it is one that offers huge rewards.

Discipline Your Mind

A good mirror will change your life

Exfoliate with sugar and honey.

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You just need 30 minutes


Customize your Digital World

This simple trick will change your experience..


They call it Botox in a bottle

the products

This hack will help you focus on anything

What is FLOW?

Finding the moment or environment when/where you are so involved in what you are doing that you forget the time that has passed ; you also don’t feel like you are actually working but getting mere enjoyment from the process. You also feel an unprecedented surge of energy.

How to get yourself in the Flow state

This stuff is awesome.

Add to your Skincare Routine

Declutter your space

Curate your Closet

Hair Oils We Love

Ouai High Gloss Oil.


The Innate Life rose hair elixir.

the innate life

How to use the internet mindfully