We Bend The System With Our Vote

December 03, 2023

In the tradition of Christ, this campaign will need to alleviate friction; we have to look through one lens. The green party is not necessarily the strongest organizational apparatus, the people are; there is no debating that. The question is, how do all of the people who want to see this happen organize/connect.
Listen to what Dr. West say’s, It’s true. How can the good Doctor truly be himself if governed by a party where he is not free; it changes the soul of the Campaign. I understand, how that can sound like a person who does not want to work with the establishment. However, I believe a Presidential candidate has to choose a side. To follow his/her heart or a political apparatus, this choice will determine the spirit of the entire campaign. Let’s not underestimate or undervalue our power as the American people. Not Black people, not revolutionaries, not disciples of an era, American people who want the best for our Country. Continue the conversation, but without the friction. Give Brother Cornell full support and what he needs, to do what he is destined to do. We can bend the system for the candidate we support. We’re the people of America, and our Country evolves for our needs.

Let’s look to the bigger vision. Now, not limited by the Green Party Cornell West’s campaign has greater reach. America needs vision, passion and cooperation. Remembering what’s at stake, a Biden or Trump administration at the dawn of the A.I revolution; with 2 wars in progress, and a social reality at home. What type of temperament and world view is necessary for the next Presidential Administration.

Do you think Trump stands a chance against this man?