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TAG Heuer

This video is amazing.

Boss Player Problems

Buy on the rumor, sell on the news...right? With the news constantly pivoting, markets go up and down like a Seesaw. Making the market shaky. The dual-effect of The News, affects your girl and your money.

Boss Player Solution

The Secret Thoughts of Men

The true difficulty of being a man, is keeping it together. Managing your feelings is a necessary strength for a man. Every day, he steps out his home and into the streets to fight for the survival of those he loves; in ways they'll never know. All they'll know is the lights stay on. All men have someone to answer to, no matter how high he is, all men have someone to answer to and people to protect. If how he feels govern what he does, he fails, that's a difficult thing to wrestle with because when he fails, he fails everyone who looks to him as their rock. The figure able to be still in the waves of emotion. Sometimes bleeding, salt water fuckin' him up. He keeps their ship on course. What it takes is Love. He goes to a place he cannot explain, he draws on this Love to keep going and self correct. How is love implanted in a man?

One moment it's not there, the next moment it is, like a brick through his heart, love hits him. Love at first sight is real and full of responsibility.

It's smart to take your time. To move patiently you must be steady, even in the storm. The value of those you love and respect matter most. Learn the emotional intelligence of not judging others, when they are judging you. Absorb it with understanding and Love. The goal is to stay on course, you have to stay on course; there are people who depend on you. Struggling with that is man's battle; it's not his war, it's one of his battles. Work with friends who are bosses, use 1099's. Do good business, to gain respect. Pray and have good faith in God. Do what He says. Always

Vitamin Injections Caused Her Body to Eat Itself Alive

A must watch if you’ve considered getting vitamin injections.

Bea Amma went to a med spa a few years ago to receive a Vitamin B12 injection, and it nearly took her life. Since that fateful day, Bea has been battling a debilitating case of mycobacterium which has been eating her skin. It’s forced Bea out of jobs and caused her to build up millions of dollars of medical debt.

The Corruption Behind Med Spas

Upgrade your Wardrobe

The RealReal, Inc. is a online marketplace for users to buy and sell luxury goods that are authenticated by experts.

Ralph Lauren, Balenziaga, Gucci, Supreme, all the luxury brands you love, in one place for a fraction of the price.

Shop The RealReal

Egg-Freezing - The Complete Guide

Egg Freezing Is Your Only Option

You may be thinking that at this very moment.

But do you know all the hidden information and costs associated with egg freezing? There are so many!

This article will tell you 99.9% of what you need to educate yourself on the process.

The other 1%? Only your doctor can tell you that.

Your Guide to Egg Freezing

Do you Know What G.A.M.E is? Must Watch!!

What do you spend time on everyday without anyone paying you?

Because, the thing you do everyday without anyone paying you… is what you love. When you have a sweet sweet girlfriend and she’s super fine, got a fat ass, smells good, and she love you. No one has to remind you to do her; you do what you love. I love cooking for my family, and sharing recipes with my friends. When I have time for myself, I spend it exploring different cuisines and meat.

Stay away from this type of partner.

Some Narcissistic Signs & Traits Include: 

  • Requires constant attention and admiration.
  • Holds unreasonable expectations for friends, family, and partners.
  • Has a tendency to take advantage of you or others, emotionally, financially, or in other ways.
How to Identify a Narcissist


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JRE #2042 - Joe List

Joe List is a stand-up comic and co-host, along with Mark Normand, of the "Tuesdays with Stories!" podcast. His latest special, "Enough for Everybody," is now available on

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Popcorn and Peanut Brittle


 Orville Redenbacher Butter Popcorn

 See’s candies Peanut Brittle

and a microwave!


1. Place the popcorn in the microwave or popcorn maker.

2. Press the popcorn button on the microwave, and immediately remove package from microwave and vigorously shake!

3. Open the bag and poor a nice full bowl, but not too much.

4. Break See’s Peanut Brittle into pieces and add to the bowl of popcorn.

For this recipe, You can only use See’s candies Peanut Brittle because nothing taste like See’s candies.

Popcorn for movie night! Enjoy.

JRE #2050 - Ehsan Ahmad

Ehsan Ahmad is a stand up comedian, writer and host. Look for his podcast called "The Dangerous Brown Podcast" available everywhere.

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