Boss Player Problems

December 15, 2021

The dual-effect of The News. It affects your girl and your money, it’s constantly pivoting, making people afraid to go outside, simultaneously turning outside into a crazy place. “If you see yourself through what the world say’s is valuable, you will end up following very bad people”. Try to explain that to your Lady; its a problem.

Buy on the rumor, sell on the news…right? With the news constantly pivoting, markets go up and down like a Seesaw. Making the market shaky. The dual-effect of The News, affects your girl and your money.

Boss Player Problems #4 

When your woman’s mind and your money are being affected by The dual-effect of The News. Real talk

You’ve got be there with her, making sure she not trying to navigate her life through the actions of others. If she does the Trends will get her. Remain focused on how Christ moves, to stay above the Trends and The News. You will remain healthy and mentally secure, you do not have to be of the world, there’s refuge in Christ. Philippians 4:7

Thinking about money like a tree. Careful with each Leaf. Keep a woman with integrity, and don’t let her get overwhelmed by the confusion of targeted media. When you not eye to eye with your woman, don’t move forward, until you get that right.

Work with the most talented people you know. This is a privilege. To work with talented creative people everyday is a blessing. Don’t let the Weirdoes’ screw it up. Putting a successful team together is done by God. Self-motivated people who can execute tasks, and contribute to the positive output of the Team.

Boss Player Problems #5

People are easily distracted, social media junkies, resistant to change, perpetual line-crossers and eventually ex-employees. When a solid team is in play, the company is on a come up.

On the come up, is where there’s many roads and pathways opening. How do you, determine which roads and pathways to choose?

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