Carpe Diem

 by SR com.
May 25, 2022

Everyday is an Impossible day. It’s a miracle that we make it through with our hearts and faculties in place.All kinds of things happen. But when we wake up in the morning, we fight. Check your phone and the day begins. Turn on music.

Check LinkedIn, Facebook, start thinking about how to get into the meta verse. Check my IG, Asana, and get to work.

Our understanding of LinkedIn is growing, thanks a lot to videos by and The value LinkedIn brings to our resource pool is ten fold; positive on top of positive. Converting content to sales on Facebook is more difficult. With so much content on the screen how do you slow people down, to see something beautiful.

Sometimes on Facebook I feel like a fish out of water, sales attempts are hitting you from everywhere. Like at a club. It’s too much, can I please pay attention to one booty at a time. That’s a place we can create, one booty at a time.

Bravery – The Goodness of Man

However, Facebook is my rocket ship into the meta verse; those piles of money are in a different game. If you’re proficient in that game contact us

Our products are for Marketing Sculptors. To display their work and increase brand message retention. In a beautiful magazine feed, but it’s in your phone.

How do we as marketers and personas, create a deeper experience for fans, followers and customers. Complete with photographs, links, music, advertising, product placement, video in the same place.

Here’s How.

Surgically design your Studio Link to super charge you’re brand’s awarness; give new audiences somewhere to immerse themselves in your brand’s rabbit hole.