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Spot Revolution is revolutionizing the Ad Spot.

Air Spot Revolution

Audio Intelligent Radio

Introducing AIR spotrevolution - a radio station like nothing you've experienced before. Audio Intelligent Radio, has improved how people discover and listen to the music they love. We've taken our passion for music production and combined it with a cross-platform technology. So no matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll always have access to undiscovered musical gems and thoughtfully curated playlist, not algorithms. Audio Intelligent Radio (AIR) brings listeners the best recordings ever produced; using as our platform, also allows us to stream information, news, performances and amazing talents from all throughout history.  

  • Curated audiovisual content, delivers more targeted information per impression than YouTube.

Advertisers, Artist and Creators: 

Connect with new audiences globally through AIR. Our multi-sectioned User interface; where every thumbnail, playlist, gallery, post, information stream and event is an opportunity for advertising, face-recognition and hyperlink interactivity no radio station has ever had before - we guarantee your experience will be unforgettable! 

Make every moment full of sound with Audio Intelligent Radio – tap in today!



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Cognitive approaches to intensifying brand message retention

Between 4:00 - 6:32 on the above video, marketing specialist Coi Leray, speaks to the financial health of controlling your brand’s narrative.

When building a business on social media, even comments from supporters can seriously derail your brand’s narrative. Because on social media, positive comments call on the Contrarians.

Undisturbed message retention, is the ultimate marketing space. Especially for social media activism, retail and politics. Undisturbed message retention like in Movie Theaters: Allows marketing creativity and captivated audiences to come together (without disturbances) and receive business messages and product information. What Coi Leray understands is, the value of a business communicating undisturbed, is being in full-control of your brand narrative. 

Consider the marketing logic of Ms. Leray’s explanation: With every comment made about your product or approach (even if positive), your customer’s focus is turnt away from your brand message.  (2) As soon as, your potential customer reads a comment or assigns value to an approval or disapproval system: (3) It changes their perspective, which will often change how they comment. Rinse and repeat 100x over and your brand’s narrative is in the hands of fanatics. (4) Which can cause severe anxiety.

Correctly used, StudioLink solves this problem. StudioLink is a workspace, that goes directly to market.