Bravery – The Goodness of Man

March 11, 2021

Bravery is the quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty. 

Part I 

A Woman will lose respect for her Man if he fails to practice a pattern of Bravery, however if he is too Machismo, she will not trust him with the intimate thoughts of her heart. For the Brave Man on a mission, she will devote her life. 

Bravery in Relationships 

*In this context, romantic relationship is defined as a relationship between a Man and Woman. 

A man in pursuit of truth is Brave to women, for he seeks to be the best he can be. The Brave man is confident, walking his own path regardless of what others have to say. 

His motivation is independent of Earthly pleasures; he is not directed by the tomfoolery of fame or fortune. He sees things for what they are; uses money as a tool, to build for his family. 

The woman who recognizes the Brave Man and says “You can have me”, is a Brave woman. A woman’s heart is the most fragile and precious thing she has. To give her heart to the man she loves requires vulnerability, trust, friendship, and a detachment from ego. Healthy love cannot exist without those fundamentals. 

The Choice a woman makes to give her heart to the man she loves is not an easy one, for she will be warned to protect her heart. Some voices come from perverse intent while others, from a place of ill-informed love. 

Protect yourself”, they’ll say. 

The Brave Man has equal warnings whispered in his ear; for there is much to lose for the Brave Man and much to lose for the Brave Woman, if they make a poor choice in partner and lover.

The Brave live by the code of bravery, the gifts of which are abundant and sweet. The Brave Man protects his Brave Woman and the Brave Woman protects her Brave Man; mind, heart, and soul. Much like the ear produces wax, the shared ethic of the Brave shield them from the whispers of the perverse.

Lack of Bravery will breed tension in the romantic relationship. The continuation of this behavior will cause lovers to lose trust in one another’s word; while the man and woman who are Brave are protectors and dependable to one another.    

The Brave live by the code of bravery; a practice of mental and moral strength. 

Healthy women are attracted to men who are mentally and morally strong. If a woman has confidence in a man’s word, she can follow his lead trustfully; so she is free and tender with him.  She appreciates the luxury of being soft with her Brave Man; for there are men with which she could not be so kind. 

Her gentle touch is needed; the bravest of men will have trying times, he will need his lady to treat him with sensitivity and care. Coddling is for babies; a woman who respects her Man does not try to direct or change him. Kind words and encouragement from his lady, is like the Brave Man’s medicine; for the weight he bares is heavy. 

Her man’s bravery brings his lady joy and confidence in her decision to give him her mind, body and soul; while her Choice in him brings complete freedom to live as a Brave Man with the nurturing touch of a committed woman. The coupling of the Brave, bring out the best in each other. 

Part II

Women have fun with the Men who are boisterous and ballsy and usually settle down with the men who are quietly brave. A truly Brave Man will direct your lives without permission or excuse…and that is sexy. 

The Unfocused Brave Man 

There is an important distinction between the Unfocused Brave Man and the Focused Brave Man. The Unfocused Brave Man will jump from situation to situation. He may even proclaim excitedly “this will be the one, baby!”. His attention is fleeting and thus, so are the results. There is an excitement to this lifestyle which translates to their relationship and sex life. However, he is a man without a plan he truly believes will work.

The Unfocused Brave Man leaves himself lots of space to maneuver; this keeps his woman far from him; while the Focused Brave Man knows that if a woman is worth having, she is worth keeping close.

As they grow older, what once thrilled Her about the ever-changing lifestyle of the Unfocused Brave Man will exhaust her. She will see the Unfocused Brave Man for what he is: a simple man who is unaware he is running out of time; and will ultimately be unequipped to care for a family.

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Ladies, it is natural that with time, what you seek in a Man to love evolves. Give yourself that understanding. A Woman who gains perspective, protects her heart. She understands the visible holds a mere fraction of the power of the invisible, and does not rush to trends. Her Choice is powerful and will direct her path in life; it is serious. 

Ignoble: not honorable in character or purpose. Imagine the trauma of a growing fetus in a woman’s belly when the mother’s mate is an ignoble man. The DNA of the man she chose grows inside her womb, forming human life. Be sure about who you bring into the world; there is no union greater, and it cannot be undone.

The Woman who gains perspective, understands what is temporary and what is not; what is important when she’s hit with life’s inevitable difficulties? The body is aging, fame is fickle, sex is changing, and possessions come and go; all Earthly things are fleeting. Does He care for Her soul; Does He care to leave a legacy for Her children that will outlive her body. 

It is not wise for a woman to continue a path that does not spiritually support Her and her loved ones. It is the greatest form of protection capable of being provided.

A Woman who gives herself permission to make the choice with wisdom, moves with intent. If she does not soften to wisdom, she will tire over time, always wanting for more. What it’s really about is this; when her hair grays and her bones ache, her brave, imperfect Man will be her source of nutrient.

Men who focus on building temporary things, are only suited for their female equivalent while men who build their structure internally, move with a know-how, integrity and confidence that is signature to bravery. 

The Focused Brave Man 

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Brave Man is a wholly different thing, and cannot be mistook. His confidence borders on arrogance. He does not use words like “can’t”, or “impossible”. He has the rare ability to enter a room as who he is; these characteristics are how you know a man is Brave. The Brave Man knows he is enough.

It is important to recognize, that men who are mentally socialized and morally stable are more fit to sustain a romantic relationship. This is just fact. 

The Focused Brave Man is rare combination of traits. This man is moving in his direction regardless of anything; pivoting according to the circumstances that surround him. His place and plan are untouchable. He is serious as a dog about what he is doing, and he is serious about those he does it with; most of all his woman. *Observe how a person treats one aspect of their life, and I bet you a nickel, it is how they will treat their relationship.

If a woman chooses to give herself to this man, she has to enter the relationship understanding there will be great demands on her time. It is absolutely necessary for the realities of the Brave Man’s life for his woman to be consistent and accountable.  

The Focused Brave Man will experience moments of fear and doubt. As his friend, be sensitive to his hardship, and give him the help he needs. This is where some of his most difficult qualities will come to light. He will be incessantly self-centered, tangled in his mistakes and strategy. He will find his way through, but in the process his lady will feel ignored, secondary, and highly disrespected at times. Everything has Pros and Cons. If a woman believes she knows better than him, she will be left to her own strategy. Either she will submit to him, they will part ways, or they will exist in a perpetual fight; preventing growth, wealth generation and his plan to build will end. If She respects the intangible parts of her Brave Imperfect Man, they will be able to avoid these types of conflicts. 

When you see a Man who lives by the ethic of bravery, you are looking at a true alpha. Women are instinctually attracted to alpha males, before any media conglomerate dictates what a Woman should want. The Alpha male is not confounded by media. He will keep his woman safely away from its tricks. She will have a greater sense of self confidence because of her understanding of the media machines around her. She will teach her children the same, because of the perspective she has gained. 

Ladies, do not be ashamed to want a Man who lives by the ethic of bravery, the cliches exist for a reason. You will feel an attraction for him that permeate layers you had believed to be impenetrable. You will love him with well-earned, unshakable loyalty. You will work hard to make sure he never wants for anything. 

Men, if your Lady sees that you are working to be Brave, she will give you everything. Effort, true to God, no holding back. Bravery is not flashy. Men who endure the difficult and sometimes lonely path of living as Brave Men live quiet, deeply fulfilled lives. The cup is always overflowing and the crown is heavy. This path is not for the weak, both Man & Woman must move as two animals attached by ethic, to a cart that they pull the same. 

Ladies, appreciate that the noble path of Bravery is not an easy one for your Man. His back bears weight invisible to the naked eye. Weight as real as the alabaster blocks the Men of Egypt lifted, and pulled up the Great Pyramid. The kindness and thoughtfulness of a woman is essential to his health. 

Bravery applies to different forms: emotional, physical, moral, spiritual, social. A man who has mastered all 5 is a most beloved servant of God.  It is important for a woman to know who her Man’s God is; for his God directs him and the lives of his loved ones.

Every man has a God. Observe his actions, who does he serve? The answer is, his God.

If you are both unaware of the God he serves, it is like the blind leading the blind.

If you don’t know who your man’s God is, and he says “I love you”, how do you know what he means? 

What life is your man leading his family towards after their death? Not his death, but their death. This is a question rarely thought about. Where does your man want the non-material part of you to be after you die. There are very specific principals, that tell a woman if he’s prepared to care for the non-material part of her and her children. If energy never dies, is he concerned with where the non-material part of you will go after you die and your energy continues…

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