October 22, 2023

Gary Sunshine is a Pimp. Who loves everyone with a deep respect. His life is not like the movies, no velvet furniture, flashy clothes and a stable of hoes. But he does drive a Cadillac.

Quite the opposite, Gary’s style is calm and balance. Yes, he wears expensive jewelry and shoes, but not as accent pieces. He wears what he does first for performance, second for comfort third for style, and forth for fashion. There’s no telling what adventures Gary may find himself in.

Gary is not a predator, never been. He is too cool for that. When he was 19, there was a woman; a movie star. She called Gary, Sunshine.

When She and Gary Sunshine hit the Red Carpet for a Premier or Award Show, the people would yell, It’s Gary Sunshine the pimp, and the paparazzi goes wild. Gary steps back, while the beautiful Lady Ann twirls and poses for the camera. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.

Gary stays away from Celebrity Life. He lives on the westside, Culver City. In 4.5 million dollar Condominium; a dear friend gave him for his 40th birthday. Most of the time Ann is there with him. Gary gave her a key for her 40th birthday. That was in September. The Holidays are guaranteed money for leading ladies in Hollywood.

Movie star women are different, Gary explains to Rob O.

Most people don’t understand what they are, he continues.. “Enlighten me nigga” Rob answers; They are hyper-aware paid human beings, who have the heart of a Mother and want to perform more than anything else. They want to perform! And they Love with a woman’s heart. so it’s different, you know. She’s in the Movies ..YA. Gary shifts his body to his weak side, South Paw and continues to speak.

In this construct, She’s bigger than you and I… speaking in an almost song like voice, Sunshine says “Trade-your-ass-in if the lights are bright enough. But, that’s what a mother would do for her child, correct”

Rob O responds, I hear you; Brah, If you get too deep into her experience, it’s gon’ to take you off your track as a Man; She’ll have you twisted up in that pussy and you won’t even know it – Nigga, it’s called strange. That woman walks around, everyday, wit 15 million dollar pussy, that’s scary; Gary. Gary smiles, yeah try being the nigga who loves her.

At times like these, a good friend is more valuable than diamonds and Gold.

Rob O, has an incredible story of his own. He’s a man who sees the holes in the Games people play. You need a Partner like that, who can see it before it comes. He advises Gary to remember… We cannot handle their “shit”, like you said, in this construct they are bigger than you and I.

Gary’s listening to his Homeboy speak. Nodding his head, with a Players grin. Rob  says “What’s that giggle mean?” With a pause Gary says.. “It’s about to be some Hollywood pimpin’ up in this muthafucka“. Taking a swig from a bottle of Johnny Blue, he & Rob O shake hands and pound. Ok, say’s Rob O.

With the same bottle in hand, Gary watches the sunrise comfortably from the sofa. Unable to sleep after being offered a such an intriguing opportunity. He keeps thinking about what they’re asking of him, and replaying the scene in his head.

On the back seat of a stretched SUV; Rob O trailing them in a Subaru, three cars back. Gary sat in the center with space on both sides. Three women sat on the row of seats to his left. They spoke one by one.

– Katherine spoke first… she has a petite body and beautiful  face. 

“Gary Sunshine I haven’t known you long, but I need someone to look after all this money I’m making. This Game is so cold Gary Sunshine… I’ll give you anything if you be good to me always. I’ll do what you say. As long as I can trust you, to only do what’s best for me and when you make decisions for me, you have a sober mind, and..make sure I get my money Gary Sunshine. Don’t let them pay me as a woman, make them pay me as a person. She gets off the floor, and back to her seat. Gary whispers to himself wtf…

Ann is the woman who first called Gary “Sunshine”. It was the first time they made Love. Ann said… Gary do us right, we’ll go out and get you more. Next year, when our current obligations are complete, any one who wants to work with us, goes through You. Katherine says, “We’ll get you your own Island Gary Sunshine”

Ann’s a Hollywood leading lady at the pinnacle of her career. She’s talking to Gary, “Sunshine, baby I need you to take care of my money, pay me. Make sure I don’t spend it foolishly, I’m a rich bitch, don’t let people take it from me. When I get a little crazy; don’t let people take advantage of me, for real Gary!  I need you to be eyes for me and cover my blind sides, so I don’t get caught slipping, I’m doing 15 Million Dollars a movie, Frannie’s doing 10, and Katherine’s doing 14. No managers, no agents, Attorneys, nothing; You set-up the structure: everything… and they go through you. And… you tell us, what, where, why and when. Her body looks amazing, in bronze Valentino.

Francesca, slides down the front of the seat, lifting her skirt and said, I love how you told me to protect my soul. I fuck with you. What’s more important than your soul. You always speak to me in context of what’s best for my soul. I been in this business long enough Gary Sunshine to know how easily I can lose my soul, so I thank God for you Pimp Daddy.  

She was even sexier than the others. Gary is out of his mind at this point, thinking…. what the fuck are they asking me.

Written For:  Kevin Hart  &  Jennifer Lopez

by MASKLA Creative