Trauma (The Rich and Famous & Broke and Nameless)

 by SR com.
November 10, 2021

We always talk about the trauma of the underclass, but what about the trauma of the rich and famous. The rich and famous are equally as crazy as the poor. They suffer from the same delusions.

Both rich and poor are equally consumed with how they are perceived. Both rich and poor are separated from the majority. The majority is in the middle. The choices of the middle is so valuable, there are industries dedicated to its manipulation. In a democracy the power is in the middle, with the majority.

The rich and famous, are the same as the broke and nameless. They’re opposite ends of the scale; they are the extremes. They do not understand each other. The poor think the rich has it so easy, the rich think the poor are full of excuses; neither is correct. Both poor and rich live under attack. Both poor and rich are gravely misunderstood. The way they are hunted, is signature to each experience, but the poor are treated wrong and the rich don’t want to accept it, as an absolute truth. Furthermore, a truth that is instituted consciously; just as the privileges of the rich and famous are institutionally given. The poor don’t see the problem in stealing from the rich; it’s wrong. Furthermore, the poor doesn’t accept that their condition can be changed with diligence, education and work ethic, quicker than it can be changed by taking from the rich.

Both are begging to be understood by the other, because they fear for their survival. Hoping that trough understanding, the other will see that they are not as they’re perceived and have mercy.

Both rich and famous & broke and nameless, experience joys the other longs for, and goes through the pains of the human experience. They face the same principals, but their challenges are different. Whereas the Middle understands, to prepare your self for the challenges ahead. This includes, education, self-reflection, self-honesty, listening, financial intelligence, accountability and change/growth. In Countries like the United States of America who have a thriving middle-class, the rules had to be changed.  Sustaining the middle-class means the continuation of democracy and social stratisfication. The loss of the middle class means slavery. It’s the middle class that sustains our freedoms, the poor don’t vote; they don’t see the point. They make noise.

The middle is constantly learning about the rich, but their heart and mind is with the poor. The middle knows things about both, rich and poor. The perils of becoming rich, and the lack of information that comes from being poor. They’re always in flux, the middle maintains equity through investments, gambling, and land ownership. Some rise up, some drop out, that’s just the name of the game. The rich resort to treachery adding to what they have. Co-opting the point of view /or the opinions of the middle is Big Business, because the leaders come from the middle; the middle understands more, about the rich and the poor then even the government. Successful misdirection of the middle is the aim of government.