Holly’s Story

May 19, 2023

Holly is the first StudioLink Millionaire. She the mother of a beautiful boy and her persistence and drive flows through the DNA of her home. Because of the popularity of Holly’s Recipes, she was able to form a relationship with Instacart where she receives a commission for the groceries purchased from her SL Pro. The amount of traffic Holly’s feed generates is consistent enough for her to lease her Modules to Cookbook authors, Williams Sonoma and some other kitchen ware products she likes to support. Which expands her income immensely.

“Holly’s Recipes” delivers new recipes daily for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and desert. It has recipes for single men who want to impress a first date, and collage students away from home for the first time and need something tasty and warm. Her numbers in the 18-49 demographic are bananas. “Holly’s Recipes” is currently valued comfortably in 7 figures and growing.

Her Husband calls her “Dolly”. His name is Don. Don is a man without a care outside the present; so he moves stably. This is one of the things Holly loves about him. She’s a smart woman, and like all women, her first concern is security for her family.

She keeps Don busy, nose deep in income streams, managing the ones they have and building new ones. She laughs, telling her friends “that nigga got more money then he’s ever seen”. Her friend says, Are you sure you want him in charge of all your money like that. All he can do is take it, Dolly says, but I’m a white woman I can always make money with my StudioLink. Holly’s other friend say’s.., yeah, I don’t know if you’re supposed to call him.. the.. n-word….

I can, Dolly said, I’m married to him. And let me tell you something, he’s a real nigga.

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