The Rich and the Crafty

 by SR com.
June 23, 2022

The most difficult Idea for small business owners to grasp is that they have to compete. The small business owner is so enamored with their product; and its acceptance fulfills such an important purpose. Most small business owners will not admit this, because it’s a very vulnerable truth, and can be taken for weakness. But the fact is, most small business owners do not realize the mere acceptance of their products will eventaully force them to close their doors. Product acceptance is not enough. Your Product has to be awesome to compete. 

Thank God for this thing called capitalism. It gives hope to every business owner in America. 

The hope is that their products or services will be used to help someone succeed. The hope is that their success will make the world a better place for humanity. It begins with the spark of one connection.

Small businesses are the connectors at every level of the g.a.m.e (general amount of money earned) . But they have to compete, by producing products that connect people to money.

One of our departments is using Mail Chip and Studio Link in tandem. Its an interesting combination, because it allows us to track analytics, explain Studio Link, as well as our other digital products, while forming one-to-one connections that grow as our products refine themselves. Its very exciting for anyone, who wishes to conduct business online.

Check out the link below, to see the Mail Chip & Studio Link experience. If nothing else, its mad dynamic

Once you have your Studio Link, contact us here: 

We’ll help you optimize your Studio Link for maximum message retention.