Patterns Change by Trend

 by SR com.
March 18, 2022

Colors change by the season, patterns change by the trend. How many of us are obsessed with skin care. How many have seen a super beautiful woman on IG getting a facial treatment, looked on her gallery and saw her glowing skin and thought.. I need to be doing more for myself. 

I just got through rubbing some sort of expensive gloop on my face. All of us, have some kind of gloop on our faces at all times. Think about it, in the morning you have moisturizer, through out the day- sun block, at night something to deal with the crow’s feet and smile lines. Sleeping, with gloop on our face, only to wash it off in the morning, and re-apply gloop from another container. The best part of all is when, you look in the mirror and say…. It’s working! 

There’s collective ingredients/programs running invisibly through our society. Youth is valuable, style is attractive, decadence is a sign of luxury, Cow skin is sexy (leather), all races can rock Dred Locks, Black woman are not exotic, a 2 party system constitutes a democracy, using skin products can delay the effects of old age, and beauty is determined by media. These ingredients run through our society, and links us like a common denominator. These are also called trends.

How are we all obsessed with the same things, and the deeper much more serious question, is what does it mean. What cycles are in play creating such amazing similarities between segments of people who never personally interact. By mixing these collective ingredients into the fabric of our mind’s, the way we see ourselves change. How we see ourselves determines so much of how we receive and give Love.

We talk about aging gracefully as something we want and respect, but not w/o the gloop we put on our faces so people will think we are pretty.