June 08, 2021

A musician is not a regular person. They believe sounds, melodies, words and chord structures are sent to them from higher powers, and they are to receive the signal, and make them tangible.

Musicians can look at the sky, or a beautiful face, and musical arrangements come into their mind and body. They can hear the arrangements in their head, like it’s there; but it’s not. It’s in a part of their imagination. To the person who doesn’t hear music when there’s none playing, imagine being filled with music. There are pros and cons.

Musicians battle with social awkwardness and working inside social structures. For reasons directly related to the music in their mind, when they’re not with creatives, musicians feel like fish out of water. (Of course, nothing is absolute)

In societies where people operate according to demographically distributed programs, musicians have extreme difficulty fitting in (conforming).

If you believe, as musicians do, that these signals they are receiving are from the Heavens, and their purpose is to bring these signals into our world, then you should hook-up with a musician. Very few women truly understand the importance, have the sensitivity, temperance and selflessness to help a musician bring music to life. Because of what a musician is, very few things are more important than recording their music.

What is absolutely unnecessary for a musician is social media. It takes time away from recording music, and adds distractions, to a person who is often distracted. Social media can make a musician afraid to use their original voice, because of how the social media audience may respond.

When musicians are able to be completely who they are, you get men like David Lee Roth and T-pain. Imagine David teaching Pain about song writing. Imagine how Pain, would interpret David’s music? Inside this example is the real gift. You can think of a musical collaboration, and hear what you think the music would sound like, in your mind. And now, there’s original music by you, playing inside your mind, arranged in your imagination. The musician gave you that.

Comedian, Dick Gregory said, “Music is the most emotionally powerful of all the art forms”. Practitioners of this art form, are like people with a condition. No different than a stutter. The conditions musicians live under often slows them down, and will make them appear selfish and unreliable. Having music inside of you, makes the music hard to ignore. Because music takes precedence in a musicians life, woman are taught that they are horrible men to date.

If a musician is going to have a fruitful, successful career, the largest percentage of their time will be spent recording music.  The rushes of dopamine musicians receive in a recording environment, rival sex.

So, there will be competition for the woman who chooses to love him, and Music is a formidable adversary.