Music Makers the Revolution is here

October 01, 2023

The Spotr Account is the ultimate business solution for the independent music maker. This platform is built for you. The Spotr Account is a complete Studio – Blog, Broadcast, Promotion and File Market; Retail, broadcast and Ad revenue income streams. 

If you’re an Artist or Brand: first, subscribe to StudioLink Pro. This will give you tele-marketing, and an online destination for your music & products. We made StudioLink Pro, so a basic understanding of social media is all that’s necessary. StudioLink is powerfully User Friendly. “If you’re an Artist or Writer, StudioLink Pro is creative Heaven. If you use IG, the skills are transferable.” – H&B

With an IG skill-set on StudioLink Pro, you can Broadcast your talent around the world. Check out the video upload feature  

Learn more about our Broadcast System here. You can broadcast video content in weekly rotation like radio or MTV.  Use social media to inform your audience about your broadcast.  –Content can be purchased from live broadcast, and viewers can Tip artists they want to support. – Fun

Make a Video, and put it in daily rotation.

Make a TV show, we can broadcast it. At the same time, every week. We can build our own MTV. Get your Spotr Account here:

– When you login, make sure to check your AIR ID for notifications.