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February 01, 2022

Right now, students across the nation are an entire semester behind in math and reading. This setback nearly doubles for students from low-income families. Why the disparity? When public education faces a crises, parents who can afford it will often hire private tutors. We can’t blame them. One study even suggested that students with access to professional tutoring are in the top 2% of their class. 

But what about parents like Sarah who already works three jobs, is constantly driving between them, and still can’t afford the $300 or $400 a month that private tutoring would cost for her son Jonah? There’s nothing worse than knowing your child has potential and being unequipped to give them the tools to fulfill it. That’s why we started the Orbit Education Fund. 

Our Story

By the end of 2021, we’d had enough of watching our friends suffer from the setbacks that Covid-19 caused on their children’s education. We knew there was a need for modernized, convenient, and professional tutoring for students at all income categories. 

OEF provides students with educational assistance that prepares them for college. We do this by offering free online tutoring for grades 3-12 covering core subjects and primary educational techniques.

Why We Serve

We serve so that family income doesn’t have to be a reason why students attend college. We serve to work towards educational equity—a key ingredient to a healthy democracy.

Our Need

By exclusively providing online tutoring services, our goal is to offer a convenient option for busy, working parents in the era of social distancing. And—with a team of nearly 400 teachers ready to enact our vision—we need your support. 

For the price of a latte once a month, your contribution could make a substantial impact. Not to mention, 100% of your donation will fund the administrative and technology costs of tutoring students. 

Thank you for taking an active stand not only for our children but for our future. 

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