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The Orbit Education Fund (OEF) aims to level the playing field by offering free remote tutoring for students in grades 3-12.

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OEF Tutoring
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Pasadena, CA
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Tutoring for Students

We created a Tutoring Program that communicates with children the way they receive information best:

  1. in short bursts,
  2. in video form, and
  3. with the promise of a reward.

There is nothing that cannot be conquered when broken up into 5 minute increments. The OEF child is a lifelong learner.


The OEF learning model is our signature 5X5 method. Any topic can be learned in 5 short 5 minute long lessons.

  • 5 Minutes,
  • 5 Lessons.

Studies find the optimal length for video lessons is 6 minutes or shorter.

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