Journalism or Government Propaganda

 by NBTO .
February 09, 2024

Whatever you think of the war in Ukraine, freedom of speech is a real thing.

State-Controlled Narratives and the Illusion of Choice

The war’s coverage isn’t about presenting facts or unbiased news; it’s a chess match where the Kings and Queens dictate which pawns move forward, and they’re counting on us to watch, not question.

The craft of  journalism isn’t dying out, but rather, it’s getting drowned out by profit motivated news sources and the endless supply of media at our fingertips. Who has the discipline to pull their eyes away from the pretty flashing pictures on the screens around them, and dig into the rich history of the Russia and Ukraine conflict? It’s tough; it’s time-consuming; it’s not as rewarding  as indulging in ‘Real Housewives’ after a taxing day. It’s the steamed broccoli of our diet—less exciting than junk food, but undoubtedly better for our society.

Yellow Journalism – A Style of Newspaper Reporting that Emphasized Sensationalism Over Facts

Yellow Journalism was coined in the 19th century through the rivalry between Hearst and Pulitzer for the purpose of increasing newspaper sales. It has morphed into today’s clickbait technique. Investigative journalism—the rigorous search for truth despite its bland flavor—is vital, packed with nutrients, understanding and is beneficial in the long run. We’ve developed our sweet tooth, obsessed with the immediate gratification of a sensationalist tale of Heroes & Villains. Forgetting the potential decay that’s behind each sugar-coated bite.

A Patient, Inquisitive Mind is Necessary in the Search for Truth. 

The fact this interview exists gives me great hope for the future. These conversations are essential for the sustenance of a free, informed society.