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The Secret To Understanding Women

He’s on His Abraham Lincoln

The correct use of the vote, is the collective use of the vote.

When the American people speak overwhelmingly, the powers that be have no choice but to respond in alinement, it’s what makes America Beautiful. If they didn’t, the democratic foundation of America would be over. Which is too valuable to risk, and would cause too much bloodshed to regain.

When you go to Washington D.C. as a tourist. Visit the Capitol building, the various monuments, the museum of African American History and the museum of American History. And yes, you are given patriotic propaganda, nevertheless, within these messages – they speak of the grandness of the American experiment, the hope and dream of a Country where equality and representation is a Birthright; an inalienable gift from God.

At times like these, embody the principles our Country was built on. Even when, dreams and hope seem naive; they are not, where there is the Collective Vote. Through our Collective Vote we can make America a beckon of civility. Accept this truth

  • We mustn’t vote for individual gain – It’s not the purpose of an election. Elections, are for the voice of the people to be enacted in policy.  American People, are segregated into too many groups, for any one group to enact political power: we cancel each other out. 
  • We mustn’t vote for Ethnicity or Ethnic pride. That’s non-American. And a little bit racist.
  • We mustn’t vote in fear. Compromise is not a solution.
  • We mustn’t vote for the status quo. That’s Group Think, a psychological condition caused by environment.
  • We mustn’t vote without conviction.

This Country is built to move and evolve for the needs of American people. One Flag, One Language, One Currency unifies – By segregating the people of the One Flag, We weaken the promise of America. 

To collectively use our Vote, listening to one another objectively, lets us hear American stories and empathize in shared experience. Be careful, about letting the distraction and argumentation from media corrupt the way we see each other.

There was no East Cost – West Coast beef in Hip Hop. The media did that, and men died.

For a time in America, segregation was focused on Black Americans. As our Country refines its use of segregative techniques, media has pit woman against man, Apple against Android, Conservative against Centralist, Liberal against Religious – Gay against Straight.

How are we? The American People suppose to unify our vote for the collective good of Our people, when we are segregated into powerless groups by lies, distraction, living conditions, and argument fostered by Media; (this includes social media) – its all the same.

One Flag, One Language, One Currency is our strength. Separating the people from this idea will harm the American experiment.

God Bless America

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