It brings us honor to look past an offense

November 02, 2021

Good sense makes one slow to anger, it brings us honor to look past an offense.

It is easy to be offended when someone insults us; perhaps by questioning our integrity, or underestimating our ability. Sometimes we feel offense when someone has done / said something hurtful / wrong.  

When we feel offense, our pride is wounded. Offense is poison. If we let the transgression get to our heart, it affects our attitude; shaping our behaviors, opinions, and responses to the person doing the offending. 

This is a common occurrence in close relationships, where our hearts are so tenderly entangled. We tend to add to our mental list of offenses, even if we say we have “forgiven”. True forgiveness calls for us to look past the offense, rather than throwing it back in the person’s face.

Do not retaliate, seek revenge, or keep mental notes. Overlook and move forward. Your walk will be sweeter. 

Be like a Goldfish…

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