Content Modules

September 13, 2023

Music Makers StudioLink Pro is $8.99

StudioLink Pro gives you Content Modules. Any content, can be attached to a Content Module. Music, Video, Copy & Paste, Photos, and advertising; This works especially well for endorsements. Each Content Module, provides a link & CTA button for taking customers to product or other destinations. Content Modules, embed video, Spotify Podcasts and music.

StudioLink Pro, is fully integrated with You Tube and You Tube Music.

Imagine Barry Gordy, had StudioLink Pro Content Modules. Modules linking to music. Able to fully calculate the money made off each song. No financial disputes with Artist or producers. Embedded video on Modules promoting new music, shows and performances. Modules for sponsors, selling their products. StudioLinks interconnected to easily reach and purchase music from different Artists catalogs. 

Content Modules taking users to new records, video media and advertising. Modules to sell exclusive content & Art work. Racking-up views on the Motown You Tube Channel. Making content go viral, and collecting money with every click from StudioLink Millionaire.

(The video below breaks down how to set-up your business on StudioLink for Culinary content creators. However, its applicable to Publishing companies, Modeling agencies, Comedians, Healthcare, Record Companies, etc.)

If you are a Music Creator of any type, make StudioLink the central part of your creative imprint and have full control over your Music business. It will take your work to another level.


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