Good Administration

 by SR com.
August 14, 2023

Good Administration


1. This is a new reality we’re talking about, where our true selves are necessary in order to attain the greater from this part of our lives.

2. A promise must be kept

3. A promise is the sharing of a burden. The reason I have chosen you is because you are intelligence built on profound sensitivity

4. Acquire this habit, always look beyond what you think you know, but stop before it sends you in circles.

5. Learn to humbly recognize the error in your ways; it is the wisest way a person grows

6. Be open about your errors, sometimes the most important information is that something has gone wrong

7. Anything and anyone can fail, but brave good friends help

8. Be quick to see a decision, bad administrators dilly-dally and look, and always seem to find an excuse for their errors.

9. Good administrators depend on verbal instructions, and never lie about what they have done, if their verbal orders cause problems. Bad administrators hide their mistakes until all they can do is apologize. Never hide! Do something about it

10. We’re bringing in something new, with the new we modify behavior and expose ourselves to obscenity. We mustn’t take the bait; think twice, respond once

11. Not addressing immediate desires are an offense to the young, and the immature. Though those around us may be young and immature, we must remain understanding mature adults

12. It is of great value to know your position, it is the footstool of your survival and comfort. Once you have found peace in your position, you will be one of few to witness power

13. Be aware when in the presence of a powerful environment as to not be seduced by power. This is true power

14. The ability to slow your mind and utilize reason will allow you to understand the value of experience. With out experience you cannot even suspect the potential of your capabilities

15. Understand adrenaline addiction. It’s brought about by any circumstance or situation that causes a heavy emotional response. Loneliness, sexual release, success, failure, flattery, depression, envy, intense physical activity and danger. Do not forget! That there is an addiction attached to these states of mind and body when you are in the depths of the emotion they may cause in you.

16. The ability to slow your mind and utilize reason will allow you to understand the value of experience. With out experience you cannot even suspect the potential of your capabilities

17. Knowledge of mistakes teach corrections

18. Be constantly aware of consequences, when consequences are not kept in the mind, lessons are lost

19. How vulnerable we are when we are ignorant

20. Ignorance thrives on hysteria

21. There is an art to not be the playthings of hysteria

22. Emotions are the ignition of thoughts

23. As children we mostly devoted our lives to play and pleasure. Adults often have feelings of being cut off from this paradise

24. In the confusion of adulthood, we hide the simplest of observation and knowledge from ourselves.

25. Every sense you posses, is an instrument for reacting to change

26. Square thoughts resist circles

27. I attempt to speak to your senses, not your ears

28. The ropes of our efforts are as long as the wall is high. This is what we mean by determination

29. We mustn’t allow ourselves to tire too soon. As long as the skin is unbroken, the joints, and muscles can be ignored. This is called “Mind over Matter”

30. There is always a balance point, even on the smallest of parturitions

31. Resist thinking of the height of the wall in front of you. It may stop you, instead think of each hand and each foot as they find stable place to reside, and operate.

32. Take time to recover when you stumble. No worries, find your center 

33. Let the sharp edges cut – that is what they do

34. The fear of being cut is the danger of a passionless mediocre existence and living without Aim or ambition.