Getting Started In Palworld

January 23, 2024

This article is revised periodically so check back for updates!

If you’re just getting started in Palworld, here is a guide to getting started :

NOTE: For the most part, these tasks can be done in any order. This is just how we did it.

When you first start a new world, you’re dumped on the starter island with nothing but your backpack and some very basic clothing. Your first challenge is to battle the elements and get your first pals. While it is an easy task, you’re also battling time.

Task 1 – Build Your Workbench

This is your first task in Palworld. Without it you can’t build any of the tools you’ll need. This is where you’ll create a lot of the things that you need throughout the game such as tools and clothes.

Task 2 – Unlock Things In Your Technology Panel

You are going to need everything that is in the second tier of the technology panel. Go ahead and unlock it all as soon as possible.

Task 3 – Build a Campfire

Going out and catching your first pal is a great idea but with nighttime coming, you’ll want to build a campfire because during the night it will get cold and will harm your character. If you build it in the very beginning you can run back to it when the cold starts to set in.

Task 4 – Craft Your Tools

Crafting your tools early will make later tasks easier for you in Palworld. Use your workbench to craft your axe, pickaxe, and wooden club.

Task 5 – Start Building Your Base

Your base is the home to where your first buildings will be and where your pals will work. Place it in an area that you feel will be easy for you to build on and good for your pals to maneuver.

Later on you’ll be able to build a second base but you’ll still need to be strategic in how you build your first base.

The base will have a circular radius that you will be able to build in and your pals will be able to move around in. If there are hills within this area, be sure to think about how much buildable area you’re losing during this.

* You can dissasemble your Pal Box and replace it if you aren’t happy with where you set it down. (If you do this in the future you may destroy buildings)

Task 6 – Build Pal Beds

Your pals will need beds or else they will get stressed and won’t be able to help out on your base.

Task 7 – Build a Bed

You’ll want a place to sleep for the night. When you go to bed in the evening it will speed up time to the next day so that you don’t have to play through the entire night if you don’t want to. This is handy especially when you don’t have a torch with you.

Task 8 – Craft a Cloth Outfit

This outfit will help keep you safe from the cold night air. That way, if you happen to be out you won’t freeze.

Task 9 – Build a Feed Box

You’ll need to keep your animals at your base fed and a feed box will allow them to go get food as they need it rather than you having to go around and feed them when they get hungry.

Make sure you add food to it because in the beginning, you won’t have an automated berry farm for them.

Task 10 – Unlock Fast Travel

Where you start, there is a fast travel point. It is glowing orange. Once it’s activated it will turn blue.

Fast travel in Palworld will make your life SO much easier as you have to go from location to location searching for pals and items.

Task 11 – Capture 30 Pals

This is where you start having fun. Go out and find pals to capture. If you want to level up fast, try catching 10 of each pal.

While this is part of your tutorial tasks, it will also help you level your base up.

This is just the start of your journey! There’s so much more to do but this will help you get a good start with Palworld.