Get off IG and stay off

August 09, 2021

The more social media accounts you have, the more ways you’re allowing them inside your mind. Instagram feeds are built to surface the posts that get the most views, likes, and comments. Popularity, however, is a bad indicator for what is valuable and true.

 We all know Instagram is bad for our mental health, attention span, blah blah. When Instagram feels like the only way to be social, and connect with others, this way of thinking is a trap. IG is an advertising platform. The platform does not have its users’ best interest in mind, like it it does not have users’ worst interest in mind. The platform prioritizes the best interest of those who pay for the attention of its users: the advertiser. And You are the product. 

From the perspective of a content creator: The posts you publish, and your follower count do nothing real for your business or life – unless those numbers are being translated into subscriptions, phone #s, emails, personal relationships, and $. Basing a business upon a trend that will die out the way MySpace did, is a backwards hustle. The eyes you bring to your posts benefit Instagram and its Advertisers. The platform can be taken down at any moment or your account can be taken from you or hacked. Use the platform to bridge business outside of the platform, that’s the real move. 

From the perspective of the consumer: Scrolling, watching, and liking posts is a choice to put your time, energy, and attention into what other people are doing. We may want to ask; does the information gleaned from social media benefit my life in a real, and measurable way, is it helping me get closer to your goals, or even making me happy.

Get off of IG and stay off, and get your life back.