Eaten With Intention

March 05, 2023

Have you ever eaten something with intention. When there’s nothing else, but you and your husband. He knows (believes) faithfully, you are his and his alone. He is able to let the world go and kiss your lips without fear.

He said to her, that’s all I can give. My full self… She fell to her knees with a warmth in her heart she’s waited so long to feel. Their eye’s welling up with tears, he lifts her by her shoulders, the Sunset lights through her hair, she says I do and they begin to kiss. The crowd erupts.

Late that night he awakes, she sleeps by his side. Putting his hand on her bottom he joggles her. Her silhouette moves beneath the sheets, her eyes open. He Speaks:

(Sitting up, against a magenta evening sky the Cesar say’s to his betrothed) – As ruler and Emperor of West America, I must serve the people in a righteous direction. That means no war my Love. I must impute to my brothers, that for no reason, money, drugs or women can we ever raise our hand in violence towards our Countrymen. Its the only way to return our county and people to Power, and true Democracy. We will unite our beautiful Nation Politically and our people, with Love.

She says: Dear Love, when in the history of man has he been able to resist warring against his brother?

Cesar say’s, The Proselyte Jew, that is His true power… Cesar claps his hands twice, his maids come to his door with a government aid. With the sheets around his waist, and his beloved’s nude body by his side, Cesar asks his aid to call Daniel.

The aid say’s, In Israel? Cesar nods his head.

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