Can A Man Be Open with a Woman

January 31, 2024

A man’s perspective: 

The reason he has a hard time opening up to his woman, goes back to dogs & cats. His Woman can have the aloofness of a Cat. When he opens himself to her, he has the love of a puppy. Her nature as a cat, attacks him; forgetting he is not a puppy. He is a dog, and has bite.

He does not want her to see him as a puppy, and become emotionally attracted to a man she see’s as a dog. So he does not open himself to her.

She’s a cat, and will purr and scratch. If a man wants his own cat, he has to learn to handle that. He told her his feelings, she used it as an attack; and he was never a puppy again, and she had to learn to handle that.

So, can a man be open with his woman…

A woman’s perspective: 

When a woman is incapable of opening up to the man in his life, it indicates that she is damaged. When a man is incapable of opening up to the woman in his life, it indicates that he is damaged. In order to have a healthy, meaningful relationship, man and woman must let their guard down – this is the result of time, trust, and intimacy.

Physical touch is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intimacy – it operates on levels. He has to accept that she will not always understand or respond well to what he is sharing, this is the nature of complex relationships. He cannot take it personally and allow his heart to become hardened. Shaq sounds like a man who is hurt; his heart has been sealed shut, which will make it very difficult to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with a woman.