Do Women Know What They Want

July 25, 2021

It is often said that women do not know what they want. She says she wants ABC, you give her ABC. Then, she asks for XYZ, you give her XYZ, and again she wants ABC.

When you say “Women are like this…” she immediately feels judgement. A woman’s words are colored by her emotion. She is acutely tapped into her feelings and feelings can change from moment to moment, so what she wants is in constant flux. Sometimes she feels like a nut, sometimes she doesn’t. 

Satisfying a woman is complex, because she is complex. Feelings are moving targets and moving targets change with the wind. Sometimes women admittedly need a mood adjustment: She will be adversarial and unreasonable, and at times just mean. Sometimes you need to give her good hard sex, and she becomes completely cooperative. This is a fact of life men must understand when taking on the care of a woman. Men will often argue with her, and complain about her not making sense, instead of giving her an appropriate mood adjustment. Men talk about being logical, but logic would say “understand the situation, then apply an appropriate solution”, while emotion says, argue and complain. However, men have a hard time identifying their emotional outbursts, because of how he is built. This is also a fact of life women must understand when taking on the care of a man. 

It’s easy to talk shit about women, but consider the difficulty a person acutely tapped in to their feelings has with making direct and linear decisions: when feelings can change from one moment to the next. It can make a woman sound like she doesn’t know what she wants. However, that’s a surface understanding of a woman’s mental process & emotional mind. She’s deep, don’t play games with her. When you listen to a woman, don’t speak. 

Understand: her aim is not decision making, she’s expressing how she feels about her thoughts. And, it’s not one feeling she’s expressing, but multiple feelings that are contradictory and all emotionally real. 

She’s depending on you to listen without judgment, and give her the freedom to speak, feel, and express the contradictory thoughts and desires of her mind. Help her get where she’s trying to go. The value of a man who can help a female get to where she’s trying to go is unmatched. 

It is equally restrictive for a woman to expect her man to operate as she does.

Ladies, why would you expect a man to act like a woman? Some women say they want a man to agree with her thoughts, see things the way she does, form the same conclusions, and agree with her choice of priorities. 

Consider this Ladies; if he acts like you, likes what you like, thinks how you think, and sees things the way you see them, could you even be happy with him as a man? He’d be in a female state of mind. This does not make women happy, because women don’t like bitch niggas. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a very telling situation because it is one where she says she wants something, but really doesn’t.

Ladies, your frustration comes from unmet expectations; you expect your man to respond like one of your girlfriends, and he will never be one of your girlfriends. You can put a dog in a stroller like a baby, but it’s still a dog. Help him out where you can, be sensitive and acknowledge when he’s trying. That’s love. 

  • Gentlemen, don’t argue, don’t complain. Listen without speaking in opposition. She will feel better, and women are acutely tapped into their feelings 
  • You want your lady to feel good because you love her, and want to know her inside and out. Things you’ll learn from listening without speaking will help you help her get to where she’s going.
  • If he does not put in the effort, he’s not for you
  • If she’s not worth the effort, she’s not for you

A woman needs the freedom to learn who she really is over time, like every other life form. Judging a woman in the process of figuring herself out keeps her from open communication and the ability to solve her problems. As a woman comes to grips with how the company she keeps twist and turn her life, she becomes aware of the value and repercussions of her choice. You cannot underestimate how crucial her decisions are in effecting her life; Motherhood, Wife, Baby Daddy, the life she wants to live, the man who can provide that life, the cost she will have to pay for a life with that man. The decisions she’s making push the species forward. Her choice decides how boys and girls are raised. She chooses (the seed) the babies that will be born. This is a powerful responsibility. The generalization that women do not know what they want, is a misunderstanding of her fears and the problems she faces. She lives in an environment that is constantly trying to pervert her choices for economic purposes and social disruption. She needs help from a man in her life (Husband/Boyfriend, Father, Mentor, Friend) who is able to look past her beauty, and give her the truth. *This man is rare; most men in her life have impaired judgement when it comes to a beautiful woman, and cannot be trusted to give her the truth.

The social complexities navigated by women, is the only experience that can be compared to the African American. The exploitation and perversion of these two groups are similar. Their power and earning capability is second to none in American society, and they have the same oppressor. For this reason and many more, they are both subjugated, sexualized and given the right to be mischievous, as forms of control.

The thrills of mischief are misdirection, and can be guided through trends. 

If you give compassion to the plight of the African American, you must give the same understanding to the condition of women; and how the environment screws with their minds.

Giving women the right to be mischievous, gives her choice between the things she’s curious about and the things she needs.

Through mischief, She is given the permission to satiate her wants by playing with the dangers in Pandoras Box. Example: a female can have a drunk night with friends and allow a woman to perform oral sex on her, and it’s looked at as one of those girls gone wild nights. A male has a drunk night with friends, and allows another man to put his penis in his mouth, and he’s gay. Mischievous behavior is acceptable for women; while for men, self-esteem is tied to achievement and success, which requires linear accountability between what he speaks, and what he does.

Because of woman’s emotional flexibility, they are able to move more comfortably in environments that destroy men, but it doesn’t mean she should. Example: Because of men’s lack of emotional intelligence, they are able to fuck mad women and not care, but it doesn’t mean he should. (Just because a woman can do it, doesn’t mean she should either). 

Movements that create chaos and discourse play to a woman’s emotion; including empathy, sympathy, rage, and sadness. There is no getting past the fact that woman cannot survive in this environment with a healthy mind, body and seed. Removing herself from perverse environments is the solution. 

Woman must realize she is equal, and there is no sensible conversation around this fact. Women are built with the unreal emotional strength of mothers. The degree of emotional strength motherhood calls for, is like an insect picking up a car. Equal to, if not above the physical strength man has over women. 

Therefore, a woman must be accountable for how she moves and what she says. That’s the truth.

Understanding women is difficult, even for them. Hopefully she gains a better understanding of the environments and facts of nature that make it very difficult for her to want what she needs. 

With Love,

Pool House