Big Money Gone Wrong

February 02, 2024

The more you see something, two things can be known. There is money being spent, and there is money being generated. The problem is, the loudest voices are usually saying the least. These loud voices have immeasurable amounts of money behind them. This is big money gone wrong. I cannot imagine the money and intelligence it takes to keep us all seeing the same thing. Like Trump, how often do you see Trump? He is a free man, with access to unimaginable amounts of cash. Trump is not even afraid of the Courts. His home is magnificent and his wife is fine.

Every voting American, should actively listen to one of Trumps 2024 campaign speeches, they’re child-like and you should know what your voting for. Use the actual power of your vote at the ballot box, take it seriously. Big money spent well, is very difficult to defeat. We are 1 vote each; absolutely powerless. It’s the collective vote, that we are trying to get to. The collective vote, will enact our voices into policy. Collective vote means, we all vote the same.  Democracy is human sharing.

AI is here.

Who do we really want in charge of our County at the dawn of the AI Revolution. You’d think, things can get to a point where we’d band our vote to get some political power and have real democratic say so, about who’s making the rules. But maybe not, big money supports the Trends; loud voices.