Are Straight People the New White People

 by SR com.
May 09, 2023

We have no voice. The current agendas have the dynamics between man and woman filled with confusion. The moral beliefs of the Straight majority are ridiculed, like the feelings of white men. America is a Christian Country.

By definition straight men believe that loving a woman is right and natural. Straight woman believe that loving a man is right and natural. Being straight is not just a sexual orientation. It has a belief system connected to it, which is rarely considered when discussing this subject. Biologically, the straight man and woman believe, he has an outtie, she has an innie, makes sense. She has an egg, he has a gajillion sperm whose sole purpose is to fertilize an egg. Even more than a biological logic, Straight people are born the way they are, it is their natural state of being. So, the opposite is unnatural to them; and that is not an opinion or judgement it is an objective fact. To vilify the straight man and woman for being who what they are, is cruel and hypocritical. Even though LGBTQIA has a completely different belief system, biological philosophy and societal perspective, they must welcome the voice of those who are their opposite, with the same humility and Love they would like to receive. You have to give respect to receive it. Being completely me, is not anti you. We all participate in this world.