A Woman’s MMHMMs

July 28, 2021

A woman speaks much like a painter strokes the canvas; swift, dynamic movements to articulate how she feels. Communication in and of itself is always an expression of how she feels.

If she is calm, cool, collected, and articulate, you can know she is feeling level-headed.

If she is disorganized, confused, chaotic, and loud, you can know she is feeling overwhelmed.

While Brave men almost always communicate with a level, calm tone and clarity; the spirit of a woman’s heart does not allow her to maintain the same equilibrium. This is why a women needs masculine energy in her life, to find her balance.

Women are complex, but not that hard to understand

There are layers to how she is expressing how she really feels; it is not just in the things she says. It’s in the way the information is being communicated (how she uses her words, tone of voice, organized or disorganized manner, etc.)

For example; A woman’s “mmhmm”s can have multiple meanings depending on what she is feeling.

1. She understands what you’re saying.

2. She’s agreeing with you.

3. She may not believe something you said (thinks you’re full of shit).

4. She wants you to continue what you’re talking about.

5. She’s horny (intensity based on number of m’s included).

6. A combination of the above, and more.

 and if you don’t understand which it is, just ask.

It shows her you care, to know the man she loves pays attention to what tips her off balance; though ultimately, she is responsible for communicating the things that matter to her with clarity.

Happy Communicating,

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