14 Game-changing AI Video Tools

August 31, 2023


1. LUMA AI: Create 3D drone shots

2. KAIBER: Create an AI generated video based on a song or voice file

3. OPUS.PRO: Auto slices long form video to create compelling short clips

4. RUNWAY ML: Generate stock videos using text prompt

5. ADOBE AUTO REFRAME: Changes your footage from horizontal to vertical

6. AFTER EFFECTS: The Content Aware Tool, allows you to edit out objects inside video

7. ADOBE AUDITION: Now allows you to auto-remix tracks to different lengths

8. ADOBE PROJECT BLINK: AI-powered web video editing tool

9. ADOBE SHASTA: AI audio improvement filter auto edits to high quality audio

10. ELEVENLABS: Clone any voice – text to speech

11. NVIDIA to BROADCAST: Allows you to change where eyes are looking on your recording

12. UPPBEAT: Provides music suggestions for shots

13. DESCRIPT: Online AI video editor

14. VIDIQ : Provides video ideas based on your YouTube channel