Use Text Feeds

August 26, 2023

Before you Log into your Spotr Dashboard, create a gmail under your business name and use it to Sign in to your Spotr Account. Once you’re in the Dashboard, make sure to click AIR ID to connect your account to radio & broadcast.

As for the StudioLink Subscription options, I suggest the Annual – StudioLink Pro. Theres so much bang for the buck in this subscription. The sales power of StudioLink Pro, takes your project to the next level; being the sole presence marketing on your Brand ID makes a huge difference. StudioLink Pro, links your business, service, campaign, social media, products and distribution at the highest level. Once on dashboard, click edit StudioLink

You’re a hyper-link now.

Create your modules to link to your media, platforms & workstations you use throughout the day. Compile your content on StudioLink, use Text Feeds and watch a new audience emerge.

Connect your StudioLink to anything that interest you. Over-time, it will turn your new audience into an income stream. In fact, it’ll be extremely difficult to stop your StudioLink from making money. You’d have to actuallyconsciously decide to stop it from making money; the design is so effective.

Start Text Feeds with StudioLink Modules. Text individual modules to friends and comrades. Have useful dialog with people. Real-time audience feedback:  to refine your sales message and get your idea out there building relationships.

You’re tele marketing now.

StudioLink takes you from idea to tele marketing in minutes ~ The StudioLink Pro subscription, is a superior User experience ~  It takes what’s interesting about you, and arranges it perfectly for business in the Digital / Creative Economy. You’ll literally have to stop it from making money, it’s so effective.

Whatever you’re interested in, Upload it into StudioLink, and StudioLink will turn it into a business. ~ Doing what you love, and making money is living your best life. Stop wasting time – get the Annual subscription, lock in, and see what StudioLink can do for you.