Society of Nations

August 08, 2021

Thousands more COVID-19 infections a day Aug, 7.2021. The Delta Strand has become the campaign that convinced civilization to take the vaccine.  She got her second shot today. But she’s healthy as a horse and didn’t have any noticeable reactions. He spent the day searching for resources, to buy and sell. Construction resources have doubled, because of the nation’s quarantine. The economy has slowed and people are willing to pay hefty prices, for tools and high quality metals and building equipment. He’ll get his second shot next week. His name is Alon, and he invitited her to join him for two weeks of research and travel.

Now in her third week of working with the team, there’s no talk of her leaving. Thankfully she takes her body and mind very seriously and two weeks of trips, jewelry and excellent cuisine, is not enough to blow her mind and get her in bed: he is truly charming and the option of them being together has defiantly been a discussion. Her name is Vivian; and Alon represents a huge career leap for her, and she’s trying not to let the pussy get in the way.

Her military background and critical thinking is why Vivian was asked to join the Think Tank. If she gets the position, it will require a 5 year contract and she would have to move to Washington D.C. The Roman Colosseum of the United States of America. Prince Alon will be Vivian’s Director of Information and contact to the nations elites.

Alon was born to a tribe of Lost Boys in Central Africa and educated in the Orient. Vivian was born in Georgetown and is a graduate of George Washington University. Their organization “Society of Nations” is the inspiration behind the movie “Men in Black”. – Now that’s a new media sitcom

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