What’s Behind Cheap Gas

February 28, 2021

The cheaper the gas, the larger the store. Commerce is tricky. The parent of 3 kids is driving all day, inexpensive gas is a necessity. But, every time he pulls in to the cheap gas station, to get the cheapest gas, his kids see the store and want, licorice, gum balls and candy. He wants a bag of chips, and something to drink that’ll give him a kick. The cheaper the gas, the larger the store.

What the father doesn’t understand is, in this situation the cheap gas is a loss leader. Meaning, the gas station uses the lure of cheap gas to get people like him into their store. Willing to take a slight loss of profit on gas, to make it up on store items. The question to ask is, who figured out targeting people who need cheap gas, sells treats. What other commercial information does this nigga have? If a man/woman needs cheap gas, he/she been working all day, they’re tired, and have a lot on their mind. So yes, stimulants are needed. Thank you Mr. Gas Man for selling me those salty, sugary and caffeinated stimulants. I need the energy.

But I cannot stop thinking… that perhaps this was not done to help me through my day; so my eyes are a little wider now. As I wonder, what other things are not what they appear to be, what’s up with this job I keep going to… What’s up with these race things I feel; maybe I don’t hate him because he’s black; maybe I’m jealous of him. Maybe he’s jealous of me. Maybe cheap gas, is just cheap gas and back into the Matrix I go.

Think more. Have A Good Day