The Perversion of Kanye West

January 23, 2023

Unfortunately, many of us have listened to what the media say’s about the disgraced billionaire and anti-semite Kanye West; and haven’t taken the time to listen closely to what Ye actually says.

First thing, you have to give him the respect and understanding that comes with his accomplishments. That means, all the game he learned as Jay-Z’s protege, the many years aside men like Just Blaze, Young Guru, and the impresario Dame Dash. Touring around the world with men like Adam Blackstone, Kid Cudi; working with Lyor Cohen, Def Jam, Nike, Adidas, Gap, Louis Vuitton, Balenziaga, Live Nation and many many others.

Imagine, what a man might see navigating himself through this level of enterprise. The knowledge gained, the lessons learned, the painful lessons learned. The information, the fucking information. Being the Husband of the woman responsible, for the most critical change in our standard of beauty since Jennifer Lopez. The business he has conducted, the products he’s created, the contracts he has signed. There must be a respect for the experience, knowledge, and intelligence gained to sustain such a monolithic career.

Once that respect and understanding is given, you must accept that there are things he understands and the majority of us do not.

No one is perfect, so there are many mistakes in the things he says. Example, Ye as a Christian, is a Jew; but he is a Spiritual Jew through the blood of Christ. The people, who are by blood from Jerusalem (Jews) are God’s chosen people. Through Baptism in to Christ, those who are not by blood from Jerusalem become spiritual Jews. Ye’s explanation of this Theological fact is mad incorrect, but Christianity is a life long learning process. Romans 2:28-29  Galatians 3:28

The essence of what Ye has said, is that he will be the sacrificail lamb, so that those of us learning to play tha game, will be able to play on another level.

“I think like Gorge Jetson, but speak like Gorge Jefferson”. – Kanye West

No matter what we say, in our hearts we feel for you Bro. We pray that what we are seeing is not a breakdown, we pray that it has pure Christian intentions and intellect. But here’s the thing Ye, free thought is not Christianity.

Christianity is an ethic with many many many many limitations. If you serve God you are not a free thinker, you are a prisoner to the Gospel of Christ.  Ephesians 3:1-13