The Good Diet: Change Your Boyfriend’s Unhealthy Eating Habits

April 15, 2021

You’re dating a promising new guy, and he seems to tick all your boxes. Kind – check! Smart – check! Cute – check! Funny – check! Stable job and lives on his own – check and check! 

On your first date you keep it casual, you did meet on a dating app after all. You grab burgers, fries, and a milkshake together at a greasy hotspot in town. 

You continue to date, indulging in treats and trying the creme de la creme of junk foods, to put it nicely. You don’t even second think it because you’re both having fun getting to know each other and hey, a little indulgence never hurt anyone. 

It’s your first night at his place and he offers you a coke or beer to drink. You ask for water, and notice he gives you tap. 

The next morning, he welcomes you to help yourself to the contents of his fridge, as he pours himself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal.  Don’t worry, he’s not rude, he offered you some and you politely declined. You open his fridge thinking you’ll cook yourself some eggs on toast for breakfast. What you find inside is no short of what you would expect the inside of a frat boys refrigerator to look like. There are takeout boxes of all kinds; some, leftovers from the recent dates you had been on; Chinese takeout, a pizza box, half eaten burrito, its like a war zone for half eaten foods. You notice the pink donut box sitting on the counter next to the fridge, with a crusty half eaten donut left as the only survivor. 

All the single Ladies out there have been here before; you meet a great guy, but soon come to realize, he has a poor diet. This can be a dealbreaker for many women seeking a husband: Health, and maintenance of health is important to the majority of women, particularly when looking for a long term partner. 

Gentlemen, understand her hesitation to date “frat fridge boy” is not shallow.  Women are attracted to healthy and well-groomed men, as this is an indicator of how he will raise their future children. 

Women in this predicament often come to question; do I continue to date him and try to change his habits, or do I break up with this good man because he doesn’t take care of himself?

The decision is up to the individual. 

First off, know that you cannot change another person. What you can do is present him with information, and the tools necessary for change; it is intimately his decision. 

Do not attempt to trick him, be honest with your intention; it will show him where your heart is. You can see a future with him, this is the reason why you care about his health.   

If you try to trick the man you are dating into changing his habits, prepare for a life of plotting and deceit; How you begin a relationship dictates how it will be. The Husband and Wife who can trust each other with their entire hearts will have a fulfilling marriage.

Do not fall for diet culture; diets are trends, each with their benefits and pitfalls, but ultimately, these trends are designed to sell products. 

Healthy eating is not complex. We all  know what healthy foods are; fruits, veggies, and lean protein – the 3 pillars of your meals. Do not restrict yourself, you can eat what you want, but must first nourish yourself with those nutrient dense foods. Only after that, you can eat whatever treats you want. Most individuals will find, once they have eaten a nutrient dense meal, they are no longer feel like aimlessly snacking. This is true nourishment; on a cellular level you are full. 

If you become boyfriend and girlfriend: 

  1. Share your concern with your boyfriend. On the surface, it may be that it’s unattractive for a grown man to pig out on pizza and beer multiple times a week, but remember, women are wired to reproduce. It may be subconscious but that may be the root cause of why you find his unhealthy habits unattractive. Women are instinctually attracted to men who can provide security and stability for themself and their child. This includes longevity and quality of life; which requires a sharp mind, and strong body. 
  1. Cook meals together, using the 3 pillars as your guide. This is something everyone says to do, but very seldomly actually do. Nothing is more fun than preparing a meal with your man or woman, while sharing a bottle of wine. You will discover recipes together and form new traditions. And the sex will be bomb too.

Ladies, when you see a man this way, it means you think of him as a viable future. 

Relationships are about building each other up; encouragement is a necessary ingredient. Approach him with love and he will listen with open ears. Do not judge him; he’s not at fault. Be thankful you found him and can show him what you know to be true; his body is a temple.