SL Pro

October 10, 2023

The concern is that, food corporations will completely dominate food distribution. That’s the concern, for a lot of upper middle class people. They fear, all they’ll have access to is carefully marketed processed, packaged and fast food products.

We want to eat real food from the ground – We want fresh Fruit and real Ice Tea. Premium Jerky and Cognac. Iron seared Seafoods, meats and vegetables. Fresh water fish, Caviar and buttered rice.

Whiskey Old Fashion w/ Cherry-Vanilla bitters and Fried Chicken

Embed your cooking videos on SL Pro and make Ingredient Lists for your recipes. You will earn a 5% affiliate fee from the Grocery Provider you connect to your SL Pro Ingredient Lists. This is worth millions.  -Check out the video above

Send SL Pro links to your followers, and the one’s cooking your recipes can buy the ingredients from (your) Ingredient List. Give them something worth Cooking, and they’ll come back. Sign-up for SL Pro here: Create A New Income Stream

There’s literally thousands of recipes I’ve seen on IG and want to try. I cannot get the recipes in one place. Where I have, the Content Creator’s IG post, and comprehensive cooking instruction w/ ingredient list.

SL Pro Ingredient List, allows Users to purchase ingredients for your recipes, and have them delivered to their doorstep. Save me the hassle of going to different stores to find the correct ingredients, when I’m Cooking on the weekend and don’t wanna go to the store.” There’s an audience of people, a big audience of people, just like me. Who want their Prime Rib seasoned accurately, and want access to the ingredients & knowledge to do so. 

By empowering new media food creatives by supporting their recipes, we empower the grocery providers they support. Hopefully, we can get higher quality ingredients circulating in our communities. 

We can eat better as a nation. StudioLink Pro, sign up here: