The Actual Future of Money – Ladies and gents, this is Food for Daughters

March 10, 2021

“We’re girls, they don’t teach us about money” a woman said to her boyfriend. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he responded “no worries babe, I got you” as they walked to the bus stop. There’s nothing wrong with a woman knowing the type of life she wants to live, but getting it in the real world is something else all together. A lot of women are looking for love, but are afraid to attach comfort to the equation. Let’s combine the search for love, and financial intelligence.

Having some understanding of money is necessary for a man to have a social life. To the point where many men, put their quest for money before everything else. How many times, has a woman taken her man’s lead financially, and lost her money. Ladies, its not necessarily the fault of that man. Money is elusive. Its like a woman, if you want it you cannot chase it. It takes work and understanding

The most simple way to understand money, is as points in a game.  Certain actions move points from one place to another (purchases). There are other actions, where points can be moved, and more points are returned (investments). The greater your understanding of these things, You will develop actions (habits) that move points in your favor.

What type of life are you after. Because, once you understand money the walls of its elusivness disappear. Think of it like this: Choose the type of life you want through your behavior, and the behaviors of your chosen husband or wife. The first thing you must understand about money is both husband and wife have to be on the same page financially or money will cause them to separate. The second thing is money does 3 things, spend, build and burn.

Choosing a mate is the beginning of financial intelligence.

Man and woman each have instincts that are fixed in nature.  These natural things, are always altered by personality and experience. No man or woman are the same, even natural instincts can appear in wildly different ways. This is true regardless of race, size, background or intellect. However, money is constant.

The value of money is constant, It has the ability to alter personality & experience.

Observe your potential mate and ask questions, (always ensure your understanding is correct); his behaviors will be revealed. Once you know his behaviors, its up to the woman to learn how his behaviors respond to money. Ladies, this is very difficult to do when your dickmatized. So, be clear headed.

Since money serves most of the useful functions of survival, use the information below, to form a ball-park estimation of the life he will give. And decide if it is the life you want.

1, His behaviors set a foundation for his interaction with money.

2, His money determines his access to goods and services

3, The goods and services he is able to access will outline his experience

4, This experience is the life he is able to give.

It’s completely different for a man selecting a woman for a wife. But, let’s take one step at a time.

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