A publishing company created by writers for writers.
We are here to bring new authors' voices to readers' hands.
We aim to give back to the writing community and give new
authors the attention they deserve.

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Your book deserves to be read! We're here to help new authors reach their readers.
No matter what stage you're at with your writing, we'll help you reach the finish line to publish your book.
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We help you with everything. Editing, marketing, and producing your book.

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So I Wrote a Book Podcast

Books. Publishing. Marketing.

You wrote a book. Now what?

Helping authors reach a larger audience is what we're here to do.
On our podcast, you'll hear advice, reviews, and possibly even some surprise guests.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and YouTube

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Created by writers for writers.

Submit to Scrive, our monthly digital magazine that brings your work to readers everywhere.

The magazine accepts all genres and publishes chapter-by-chapter (if applicable), making it easy for you to get started with publishing your work.

🔥 No having to have a finished book.

🔥 Don't worry about marketing.

🔥 Reach new readers.

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Great Reads and a Supportive Community!

Our monthly book club goes through a variety of reads to expose members to different genres and authors.
With your membership you not only get a physical copy of the book of the month, but access to our club discord server where we’ll have discussions and events.

By joining the book club, your contribution helps us bring new authors' voices to more readers.

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