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Flourish Tea Company
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United States
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Fae Tea

Welcome to Court

The faeries have brought some of their magic to the mortal world in the form of tea. With the state of our current world, it is nice to have a delicious brew that takes our mind off of our anxiety and even help us sleep better.

This gentle green tea mango blend is a great for your tea addiction and what any faerie lover needs.

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Garden Party Brew

The festivities are here

Dresses are donned, appetizers are out, and the sun is out. The tea party is in full swing.

Our red berry tea is perfect hot or iced to keep your spring and summer events as the talk of the town.

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Green vs. Black Tea

Which one is right for you?

See some of the benefits and risks associated with each.


Herbal Tea For Everyone

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Witch's Brew

Taste the notes of this magical herbal tea.

Ingredients include: Raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon peel, vital, lemon verbena, linden flower, cinnamon, rose petals, and stevia.


Make Your Own Blend LIVE

Join us LIVE on TikTok for our 'Make Your Own Blend' event.

Order your blend during our Live and see your tea come to life.

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