The Spotlight

August 02, 2021

Light is like nothing else. The Spotlight, there’s nothing like it. Walking through that door is the thing artist & creators are obsessed with. All is vanity. Even those of us strictly about the money. Your gonna dress your woman, and take her places. Have her driving nice. See the world with her, experience women from different countries expanding your pallet and appreciation. The delights of The Spotlight don’t end. It’s more than the Fame.

The Fame is a by-product of the Spotlight. Those who make it; that is, make it to The Spotlight. Have located that thing their heart desires, the thing that brings them joy. Check this out, when the art is touched by God, the spotlight finds it. It effects people differently.

Heart’s (minds) that are blessed this way, augment the world. What a thing…

Think of the Comedian trudging through life. Convinced of his or her way of thinking to the point of laughing at others. What a brave profession. Imagine a man or woman, so convinced of their correctness other experiences are levity and pathos.