Sometimes she will mourn for the things that never were.

May 29, 2021

Sometimes she will mourn for the things that never were.

Every woman has this trait; some call it a curse (be careful what you name the things of your life). Some men swear off women because they find this quality to make her elusive and impossible to please. This is fear driven, but you can only fear what you do not understand. Let me explain.

Sometimes she will mourn for the things that never were.

Believe her when she says she will be ok; she will find her light again, because she will. Do not push her too far while she is fragile, she’s fighting like hell to get herself out. Sometimes she needs no solutions, but to know you are there. Be tender, be loving, understand that it is not about you. 

She mourns the things that never were, because it is in her nature. There is no stopping it, like there is no stopping a wave from rising and crashing in the ocean. 

Believe her when she says if she could, she would stop the wave, because she would. 

She is aware of what she has with you, all of the beauty and blessings of her life. She loves you. She is experiencing the crash of the wave.

Man also mourns for the things that never were. He was taught not to open up too much to the woman he wants, she will see him as weak, and leave. This is why many heterosexual women find themselves feeling emotionally starved in relationships.

So, he solves his emotional problems on his own, talking about how he truly feels only after he has dealt with it. Do not punish him for this. 

We are all the same beneath it all.

The crash of her wave manifests in a multitude of ways.

She may nag, she may be sad, she may become restless, all the result of mourning the things that never were. 

If she really loves you, she will come to you when she is ready.