Social Stratification

May 31, 2021

We all live our lives on levels. The fast food worker, lives on a different level than the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner lives on a different level than the college athlete, and the college athlete, a different level than the professional; and so on.

Here’s the beauty and insidiousness of Social Stratification. The home you are born into, dictates where you are located in the Stratosphere of society. Your location determines your level of access to everything from health care, the amount of toxins in your tap water and sandwich meat, relationship with law enforcement, importance of education, understanding of Country, the ideas you find attractive and the car you drive.

The Social Stratosphere you are born into, will be the walls in which you become an adult. Even the few, able to leave their Stratosphere, are still products of their born Stratospheres.

The Social Stratosphere we are born into, are pre-designed by educators.

Re-think the value of education.