Chicken Wings

November 12, 2020


The idea has to be something you’d devote your life to. This will help ensure success no matter what comes your way. The idea can be a process, a process is also a service. The important thing is not to limit yourself. Once you have your idea, build a model and begin conducting business. Define your limits through fair sound business practice. When you listen to the back beat of a Beatles song, its on the quarter note, so it stands. If sound business practice is the back beat of your company it’ll stand.

So, here’s an American idea, raise an enormous amount of Chickens, cut their wings off, and sell packaged Chicken Wings. Let’s say, that was your idea; it wouldn’t necessary to build a business model. Because the model is already built; its called retail. What you’d have to do is build a model of your process of successfully packaging Chicken Wings.