May 02, 2023

The most primal instinct is Love. Primal is also a man beating on his chest, or a woman shaking her fine ass.  Yet and still, we do those things for Love. So there is no more primal instinct than Love. Which means by default, Love can defeat any primal instinct.

If it were only that simple: because, there is the Love of power.

Using your choice to qualify what you Love, other primal instincts come to life. Primal instincts like curiosity and homosexual exploration. Violence, Theft, Greed, sexual perversion, polygamy, slavery, pack mentality and want, I want, I Fucking want.

Kurtis is much more than an overweight Black man, he is the diligence that makes man great. Kurtis was out of work for a while and began working with his friend; who is a Plumber. In no-time at all, Kurtis opened a plumbing business of his own. He would drive around surburban neighborhoods and knock on doors for new business. Kurtis had a fledgling business within the year, and the things he wore were fine and his car was nice.

One day, answering a call for a routine kitchen sink repair a lady talked to him for hours; even offering him food. Like a lightening bolt or light bulb, it hit him; and He said to himself, these woman are lonely

Consumed by this thought all night, he couldn’t sleep. He thought, and thought and thought, he thought to himself how can I capitalize on their loneliness… Whoever said, Lighting bolts don’t strike the same place twice, hadn’t heard of Kurtis Smalls. Because Boom! It hit him again “Who calls for plumbers, women or men”

He immediately began to hire young men only, all under 28 and over 6 feet tall. Kurtis was able to see, that sending these young men into suburban neighborhoods every day, would be an effective way for an ex-con like himself to build a very successful business. With the promise of building a franchise for each new hire, Kurtis built “Johnson Plumbing” into a multi-million dollar business…

Then, without notice the surrounding Counties began contacting him, to ask if he would start franchises in their neighborhoods; and he formed very powerful political relationships. He began to form working relationships with women entrepreneurs, and they built franchises that provide similar plumbing services. Kurtis Smalls is now worth 120 Million. Were the Lightening bolts his primal instinct? 

Understanding that Love, is the most primal of all the primal instincts.

On his journey, did Kurtis Smalls allow power to supersede the most powerful primal instinct of all, Love.