Pool House America

October 05, 2022

Pool House America

(An article about Women, every Man should understand)

A woman needs the freedom to learn who she really is over time, like every other life form. To judge a woman in the process of figuring herself out is unproductive. Things that are sensitive to her self esteem are preparing to make the most important decisions of her life. Motherhood, Wife, Baby Daddy, the life she wants to live, the man who can provide that life, the cost she will have to endure for a life with that man. The decisions she’s making push the species forward. Her choice decides how boys and girls are raised. She chooses the babies that will be born. This is a powerful responsibility; there is no wonder other powerful entities want to take that away from her.

The generalization that women do not know what they want, is a misunderstanding of her fears and problems. She lives in an environment, that is constantly trying to pervert her choices. So, she needs help from a man able to deal with the insecurities felt from her beauty, to give her the truth. Only a man can provide this function.

The social complexities navigated by woman, is the only experience that can be compared to the African American. The exploitation and perversion of these two groups are similar. Their power and earning capability is second to none in American society. For this reason, they are both subjugated, sexualized and given the right to be mischievous; these are forms of control. The thrills of mischief, keeps them from reaching their full potentials thru misdirection.

If you give compassion to the plight of the African American, you must give the same understanding to the condition of women; and how the environment screws with their mind. Giving women the right to be mischievous, puts her between the things she’s curious about and the things she needs.
Through mischief she’s given the permission to satiate her wants by playing with the dangers in Pandoras Box. Example: a female can have a drunk night with friends and allows a woman to perform oral sex on her, and its looked at as one of those girls gone wild nights. A male has a drunk night with friends, and allows another man to put his penis in his mouth, and he’s Gay; and he is.. Mischievous behavior is acceptable for women. While for men, self-esteem is tied to achievement and success, which requires a linear accountability between what he speaks and what he does.

There is no getting past, that woman cannot beat this environment with her mind, body and seed healthy! However, women are built with the emotional strength of mothers. The degree of emotional strength motherhood calls for, is like an insect picking up a car. Far beyond the physical strength man has over woman. Because of woman’s emotional ability, they are able to move more comfortably in environments that destroy men, but it doesn’t mean she should be in those environments, because they are dangerous. Example: Because of a man’s lack of emotional intelligence, they are able to have sex with many women and not care; but it doesn’t mean they should, because its dangerous.

Woman must realize she is equal, there is no sensible conversation around this fact. Therefore, must be accountable for how she moves and what she says. That’s the truth.
Understanding women is even difficult for women, which is also true. But hopefully you now have a better understanding of the environments and facts of nature that make it very difficult for her to want what she needs.

With Love,

Pool House