People Aren’t Stupid

June 02, 2021

America isn’t that complicated, and very few people are stupid. We’re misinformed, and uninformed, but very few of us are stupid. People are chronically judgmental and very different.

Artists have the power to galvanize people. Especially comedians and musicians. They bring people together all over the world with their performance. Very different people rocking out and laughing side by side. Some of these people believe in an omnipotent God, that is a Spirit and the entirety of creation exist within Him. Others believe the world is flat, and still other people believe in the ever changing theories of science as a constant. Because of people’s beliefs, which are all driven by faith, their intelligence is often grossly underestimated.

As proof, that people aren’t stupid, they may attempt to dress like artists and celebrities, and aimlessly buy products celebrities tell them to use. But, people will not follow-follow-follow them unless they separate their message from corporate interest, and give from their soul. People know the difference.

If comedians and musicians unified under a single policy. They’d control the vote, equality would be unavoidable.