Our Democracy Must Remain

August 14, 2023

Everyday we are confronted with the luxuries of the rich and wealthy. To the point where many of us have become frustrated. Anger sets in, the rich and wealthy are grouped into a single entity; and the middle and lower class American form a common enemy. An enemy, not bound by race or religion. Its an abstract enemy, created on paper; And it uses riches and wealth as misdirection.

If something is written down, and what’s written down is believed, it has power.

The word’s power is underestimated, we must think carefully about who we put into positions of power. The atrocities to Humankind hidden inside of policy is insidious. However, it’s not important to know all of the cunning and deceptive maneuvers of policy. It’s important to know that riches and wealth don’t separate us.

We all have 1 vote. The vote is what constitutes equality in a democracy. Use your vote to make life better for your fellow American.  – Audio Intelligent Radio