Orbit Broadcast: Picks Up Where Television Stopped!!

May 18, 2021

The Moon landing was a milestone in broadcasting history, with an estimated 350 million simultaneous viewers. American Broadcasting has not witnessed a more sensational moment since. This is in part due to the novelty of an event, space travel.

Huddling around their television sets, like camp fires, America was involved. It was “we” are going to the moon. And, if they failed, we failed; and when they succeeded, everyone sitting around the campfire succeeded. America held its breath.  

That was when TV was our campfire, the source of light we’d gather around; to watch the greatest communicators of our time. They would fill us with warmth, joy, and laughter. This is the hallmark of an event.

Without the limitations of TV’s technology, our screens become the campfire. And now, we’re 300 Million a night. The next thing, will be something we’ve never seen. Incomparable to the phenomenas of the day.

Orbit Broadcast Network is global and User Generated, capable of drawing 10 million eyes to the same broadcast, at the same time.

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